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EU to support energy sector expansion in Nigeria: official

Inga Stefanowicz, green and digital economy lead of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS says the organisation will support Nigeria to expand its energy sector.

Technocrat Media, Abuja

Inga Stefanowicz, green and digital economy lead of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS says the organisation will support Nigeria to expand its energy sector.

She made the disclosure on Tuesday in Abuja while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), said the EU will support Nigeria in its energy sector diversification through hydro, wind, and biotechnology, to boost the power sector.

According to the EU official, she said the organisation has successfully tackled perceived challenges in the energy sector – added that more will be done to improve on it and sustain impacts.

“We have managed to overcome whatever challenges; we can do better on access to finances when it comes to industries, such as solar power.

“We are planning to help Nigeria expand its diversifying form of energy such as hydro, wind, and bio, and we will take a look at a secular economy model.

“In all cases, when you want to create youth entrepreneurship, access to finance seems to be an obstacle to doing business,” Stefanowicz said.

Ms Stefanowicz that the EU would incorporate the private sector to help reduce costs since new technology had become expensive.

“This is why we use those grants at the beginning to help give them a little extra push.

“These solutions and technologies become more popularised the more, and they can reach out to the tiniest village in the country at an affordable cost.

“The Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP), is our flagship initiative co-founded by Germany.

“We have significant intervention when it comes to access to finance in the energy sector, with the French developing finance agency, through Nigerian commercial banks; we are dedicated to the intervention,” Stefanowicz said.

She also added that a lot had been done through skills creation to provide support to the energy sector.

The RE and EE Alliance, in collaboration with the NESP, a technical assistance programme co-funded by the EU and the German government, and implemented by a Deutsche company, GmbH, is carrying out the expansion in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Power.

They identified the need to establish an employability platform where professionals and RE/EE actors can easily collaborate while boosting employment opportunities to bridge the skills gap in the sector.


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