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2023:  Independent group releases Presidential Competency Index, ranks Osinbajo top, Ayade second, Fayemi third, ranks Tinubu second lowest

Vizualytiks, a data visualization company making complex data more reader-friendly, has released the Presidential Competency Ranking (PCR) for the 2023 presidential election, which ranks vice-president Yemi Osinbajo top.

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Vizualytiks, a data visualization company making complex data more reader-friendly, has released the Presidential Competency Ranking (PCR) for the 2023 presidential election, which ranks vice-president Yemi Osinbajo top.

Speaking with the founder of Vizualytiks, Jide Omisade, said the ranking was necessary as the country goes to the poll in 2023 to elect another president.

“The rationale behind the report is simply to enlighten the electorates about the actual things they need to be on the lookout for when picking a candidate,” he said.

“We believe these are more important metrics upon which a candidate should be assessed. While these are relevant metrics, they are not absolute and we duly acknowledged that in the report.

“The limitation of the metrics is clear but we stuck with them so as to reduce subjectivity. We only utilised data that is verifiable online and is mostly free from bias. The data were gotten from available information online.”

Mr Omisade stated that the company is totally independent and not remotely involved with or in partnership with any political party, representative, or interest group.

Ranking methodology

In the inaugural edition of our Presidential Competency Index (PCI), we aim to objectively break down the factors that can determine Competence given the current political situation. To do this, we quantify Presidential Competence in Nigeria using five key categories: age, education qualifications, public service experience, private-sector experience, and brand equity, using digital presence and followership.

All the five metrics combined for the flagship Presidential Competency Index for some presidential aspirants for the 2023 general elections.

Age: A weight of 20% was assigned to this. This metric was measured on a scale from 35 (minimum allowable age for presidential aspirants) to 80. The ideal age was estimated to be 55. Age 35 was given a score of 1 and it increases proportionally up to 55 which has the highest of 20 from where it decreases afterward to 80 which has a score of 0. While this is not the exact substitute for a sound mind and good health, it is the closest proxy of agility.

Education: A weight of 20% was assigned to this. This metric was measured from WASSCE (minimum allowable level of education for presidential aspirants) with a score of 1 to Professor with a score of 20. This did not include Professional qualifications or honorary degrees. This is not an absolute measure of intelligence or smart and critical thinking but it is the closest objective substitute.

Public Sector Experience: A weight of 20% was assigned to this. This metric was measured from 0 to a maximum of 55. 0 years of public sector experience gets a score of 0 while 55 years gets the maximum of 20. This excludes NYSC but includes elective and appointed public positions and other experience with government-run institutions as well as international developmental institutions. This is assumed to be the closest proxy for the ability to function or thrive in a public service sector.

Private Sector Experience: A weight of 25% was assigned to this. It was ranked higher than public sector experience as there seems to be a general consensus that the country’s leadership is in need of more technocratic experience. This metric was measured from 0 to a maximum of 55. 0 years of private sector experience gets a score of 0 while 55 years gets the maximum of 25. This excludes internships and experience as heads of religious institutions

Brand Equity: A weight of 15% was assigned to this. It was estimated using social media following on Twitter (TWTTR), Facebook (FB), and Instagram (IG). The candidate’s score was derived as follows: 15% x Total followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (Total users of FB, TWTTR, and IG in Nigeria x Voter Turnout % in 2019 Presidential Elections). This metric was the closest most objective measure of brand loyalty/equity.

The top rankings

In the report, Yemi Osinbajo scored 52.2%, ranked highest overall due to his advanced educational qualification (Professor), combined experience of 38 years as well as relatively high brand equity.

The report said governor Ben Ayade & vice-president Yemi Osinbajo rank joint-highest on the education metric as they are both Professors. Ayade came second having scored 49.1 % followed by Kayode Fayemi, governor of Ekiti state with 47.5%.

Dele Momodu is the highest-ranking candidate from the major opposition party (PDP) largely driven by years of private sector experience (34 years) and his master’s degree, which scored 45.7%.

Others include Ahmad Yerima came fifth – 44%, Ahmad Lawan, the current senate president came sixth –43.9%, Bukola Saraki, former president of the senate and ex-governor of Kwara came the seventh position – 43.6%, Emeka Nwajuiba, former minister of state for education came eight position – 43.5%, Emmanuel Udom, governor of Akwa-Ibom state came the ninth position – 43.4% and Kingsley Moghalu came tenth position – 42.9%.

The middle rankings

Nyesom Wike, eleventh position – 42.0%, Dimeji Bankole, 12th position – 41.6%, Romiti Amaechi, 13th position – 41.6%, Godswill Akpabio, came 14th – 41.5%, Ibikunle Amosun came 15th – 41.2%, Dave Umahi came 16th – 40.4%, Aminu Tambuwal came 17th – 40.3%, Ajayi Boroffice came 18th – 40.2%, Peter Obi came 19th – 39.5% and Mohammed Abubakar came 20th – 39.2%.

The low rankings

The low-ranked aspirants include Timipre Sylva came 21st – 39.0%, Atiku Abubakar came 22nd – 38.9%, Bala Mohammed came 23rd – 37.9%, Yahaya Bello came 24th –36%, Sam Ohuabunwa came 25th – 35.9%, Ken Nnamani came 26th – 35.9%, Rochas Okorocha came 27th – 35.5%, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen came 28th – 35.5%, Pius Anyim came 29th – 35.3%, Ayodele Fayose came 30th – 33.3%, Tein Jack Rich came 31st – 33.3%, Charles Ugwhu came 32nd – 32% and he is the oldest amongst the aspirants – 80 years old, Ogbonnaya Onu came 33rd – 30.9% and Bola Ahmed Tinubu came 34th – 28.5% and Tunde Bakare who came 35th – 28.0%.

Mr Tinubu, despite being a strong contender, ranks only higher than Tunde Bakare due to his age (70 years) as well as limited public sector experience (9years) as well as limited known private sector experience (12 years).

However, the company in its disclaimer, warned that the index was not a prediction of the winner nor the endorsement of any candidate, adding that it is strictly a ranking based on identified metrics that measure competency most objectively. The data used in this image is publicly available and was not subject to any personal or collective judgement. No polls, surveys, or preferences of the editor influenced the data in the computation of the index. The current state of the index is not a fool-proof measure of competency and would be subject to modifications in future editions.

The report is downloadable here

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