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PROMAD launches strategic policy, vows to use civic tech to drive SDGs in Africa

PROMAD Foundation, a civic tech non-profit organisation championing community needs assessment for participatory budgeting, has launched its Strategic Operational Policy (SOP).

By TechnocratMedia

PROMAD Foundation, a civic tech non-profit organisation championing community needs assessment for participatory budgeting, has launched its Strategic Operational Policy (SOP).

In a statement on Tuesday, signed by PROMAD’s executive director, Daisi Omokungbe said the policy will guide its operations and help the organisation to make substantial contributions to accountable and participatory governance to meet sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Nigeria.

The policy was approved at its Board meeting held in July in Abuja. 

The Board chairman, Dr James Kayode Naiyeju, OON, FCA, said “the policy will help the organisation to pursue its vision and carry out its mission effectively and efficiently in line with PROMAD’s core values and international best practices in the non-profit and development sector.”

He added that the policy will make the organisation the darling of donor and development partners in terms of the design and implementation of projects and programs that will drive the inclusion and participation of Nigerians in the task of building the country and sustaining its democracy as well as in the continent. 

The founder, Daisi Omokungbe, said the policy document was put together so as to establish ways of doing things and create a strategic operational roadmap for the organisation.

He said: “the policy has five chapters which include organisational information, organisational programs and human resource management.

“Others include the plans, strategic partnership management and fundraising, performance measurement, reporting and management.”

According to the executive director, “the policy itemised the thematic areas of intervention, governance and leadership structures, the short, medium and long-term plans of the organisation as well as financial management and control.

He said the policy is a “living document” which would be amended from time to time and basically represents how we are running the organisation—pursue our vision, partner with others, track and monitor our impact to ensure growth, impact and sustainability. 

“The policy will be useful for potential partners and donor organisations to understand how PROMAD is strategically placed to help them achieve their organisational objectives and goals,” he said.

PROMAD Foundation has Dr James Kayode Naiyeju, a former accountant general of the federation; Mr Hamzat Lawal, chief executive of Connected Development; Mr Daisi Omokungbe, an IT, policy and development practitioner; Mr Banjo Ayenakin, a legal practitioner and development consultant; and Ms Bukola Naiyeju, a chartered accountant and practising auditor as its trustees. 

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