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Stephen Akintayo says he spent N30m to prevent flooding in Lagos, vows not to vote for APC, PDP

Stephen Akintayo, an estate builder, says he spent N30 million to prevent flooding in the Ogudu part of Lagos state. 


Stephen Akintayo, an estate builder, says he spent N30 million to prevent flooding in the Ogudu part of Lagos state. 

He said the country does not have any natural disasters but witnessing man-made disasters as a result of poor leadership.

“Nigeria doesn’t have any natural disaster, but artificial disaster made by poor leadership, he said in a post on his Linkedin account.

According to him, the leadership of the country was supposed to have built a Dam but was neglected as a result of corruption.

“They were supposed to have created a Dam but they refuse to do so because of corruption. Many of you wonder why I am vocal, we are doing business internationally and we know how Government policies are supposed to be.

“Many are too poor to know politicians are the new colonial masters who have weaponized poverty against their people.

“Deep on the inside of those shouting for all these failed leaders, they know they are not the best, but for what they will eat, for the sake of personal enrichment, we have become slaves of these wicked people who call themselves leaders,” Mr Akintayo said.

Speaking on what he did to save the lives and properties of Nigerians living in the Ogudu area of Lagos, he said he spent N30m to prevent peoples’ houses from being submerged by water.

“As an Estate Developer, I had to save people living in Ogudu this year from their houses being submerged under water. I am not the Government, we put in almost 30 million to do that for the Ogudu community. Why can’t the Government even do more?

“All you need is a good channel for the water to flow, raise the boundaries high and you will not be flooded. If you are near a waterbody, do what was done in Bar Beach, which is now called Eko Atlantic.

“The technology is there, the skill set is there and even the money is there because if the Government doesn’t have the money, they can partner with the private sector the same way Eko Atlantic was done, and all the waterways will be done in such a way that will prevent flooding,” he added.

On the 2023 general elections, he said he won’t be voting for the All Progressives Congress (APC) or the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) at the presidential level.

“At the Presidential level, I am not voting APC or PDP. I am happy to waste my vote on the right person and then save my vote for the wrong person. That is the common sense thing to do,” the businessman said.

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