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2023: INEC lists 202 PVC collection centres at wards in Ondo

TEHNOCRATMEDIA has obtained from INEC headquarters in Ondo state, the list of 202 PVC collection centres in the sunshine state.

PVCs Credit: Sahara Reporters

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has commenced the distribution of permanent voter cards (PVC) at the ward levels across the country.

According to the commission, the ward-level distribution of PVC is scheduled to start on January 6 and end on January 15, 2023, for newly registered voters to be able to participate and vote in the 2023 general elections.

TEHNOCRATMEDIA has obtained from INEC headquarters in Ondo state, the list of 202 PVC collection centres in the sunshine state.

Akoko North East LGA

  1. Edo—Emmanuel Primary School, Edo
  2. Ekan—Salem School, Okela
  3. Ikado I—Moslem School, Okela
  4. Kado II—St Thomas Primary School, Ese
  5. Ilepa I—St Michael Primary School
  6. Ilepa II—-La Primary School
  7. Isowopo I—-St Mark’s Primary School, Iboropa
  8. Isowopo II—St Andrew Primary School, Akunu
  9. Iyometa I—-A.U.D Ii, Iku
  10. Iyometa II—-St Moses C/S School, Okorun
  11. Oorun I—Ebenezer A/C School
  12. Oorun II—A.U.D School I
  13. Oyinmo—St Thomas Rcm Primary School

Akoko North West LGA

  1. Arigidi/Iye—St. Paul Primary School, Arigidi
  2. Arigidi Ii—St James Primary School, Imo Arigidi
  3. Okeagbe—St Georges Primary School, Okeagbe
  4. Oyin/Oge—Community Primary School, Oge
  5. Ajowa—Town Hall, Ajowa
  6. Ogbagi—A.U.D Pry School, Ogbagi
  7. Oke Irun—St Benedict Pry School, Oke Irun
  8. Odo Irun—St Luke Primary School, Odo Irun
  9. Ese/Afin—Adougbo Grammar School, Afin
  10. Ikaram/Ibaram—Town Hall, Ikaram

Akoko South East LGA

  1. Epinmi I—Community Primary School, Epinmi
  2. Epinmi Ii—Obahoho Comp High School, Epinmi
  3. Ifira—Cac United Pry School, Ifira
  4. Ipe I—St James Pry School, Ipe
  5. Ipe Ii—Iba Town Hall, Ipe
  6. Ipesi—Information Centre, Ipesi
  7. Isua I—Ebenezer Primary School, Isua
  8. Isua Ii—St Patrick Primary School, Isua
  9. Isua Iii—St Joseph Primary School, Isua
  10. Isua Iv—Information Centre, Isua
  11. Sosan—St Andrew Pry School, Sosan

Akoko South West

  1. Oka I Ibaka Sabo—St Mark Primary School
  2. Oka II A Ikanmu—St Saviour Primary School, Ikanmu
  3. Oka IIA Okia Korowa—St. Joseph Primary School, Korowa
  4. Oka IIIA Agba—St. Pius Primary School, Agba
  5. Oka IIIB Owase/Ikese—C.A.C Grammar School
  6. Oka IV Owake/Ebo—St. Luke Primary School, Ayegunle
  7. Oka VA Owalusi—Holy Trinity Primary School, Owalusi
  8. Oka VB Oka Odo—L.A Ii Primary School, Okado
  9. Ikun—Information Centre, Ikun
  10. Supare I—Salvation Army Primary School, Supare
  11. Supare II—St James Primary School, Supare
  12. Akungba I—Christ Primary School, Akungba
  13. Akungba II—Ac/Cac Primary School, Akungba
  14. Oba I—St. Peters Primary School, Oba
  15. Oba II—Baptist Primary School, Oba

Akure North LGA

  1. Agamo /Oke Oore—Alamo Grammar School
  2. Ayede Ogbese—Comp High School, Ogbese
  3. Ayetoro—Town Hall
  4. Igbatoro—St, Peters Primary School, Olobi
  5. Igoba/Isinigbo—St Matthews Primary School
  6. Iluabo/Eleyewo—L.A Primary School, Iluabo
  7. Isimija/Irado—St. James Primary School
  8. Moferere—St Matthews
  9. Oba -Ile—Ejioba High School
  10. Odo -Oja/Ijigbo—Muslim Primary School
  11. Oke Afa/Owode—C.A.C Primary School
  12. Oke Iju—St. Stephen Primary School

Akure South LGA

  1. Aponmu—Community Secondary School, Aponmu
  2. Gbogi / Isikan I—Sacred Heart Primary School, Cathedral
  3. Gbogi / Isikan II—Methodist Primary School, Gbogi
  4. Ijomu / Obanla—St. Stephen Pry School, Ijomu
  5. Lisa—Ebenezer Primary School, Amudipe
  6. Oda—Town Hall, Oda
  7. Odopetu—St Martin Primary School, Oke Pardi
  8. Oke Aro / Uro I—Iloro Primary School, Iloro
  9. Oke Aro / Uro II—Aquinas College, Hospital Road, Akure
  10. Oshodi / Isolo—St. Anthony Primary School, Araromi
  11. Owode / Imuagun—St Peter Demonstration Primary School, Adegbola

Ese-Odo LGA

  1. Apo Ii—R. C. M, Igbekebo
  2. Apoi Ii—Methodist School, Kiribo
  3. Apoi Iii—-Methodist School, Igbotu
  4. Apoi Iv—Salvation Army School, Igbobini
  5. Apoi V—Methodist School, Igbobini.
  6. Arogbo 1—F.A.C. School, Arogbo.
  7. Arogbo Ii—R.C.M School, Orieran
  8. Arogbo Iii—L.A. School, Biagbini.
  9. Ukparama I—U.G.S. Bolowho
  10. Ukparama Ii—F.A.C. Pry School, Opuba

Idanre LGA

  1. Ala Elefosan—St Patricks Primary School, Odode Idanre
  2. Alade Atosin—Youth Centre, Alade
  3. Idale Lemikan—St Stephens Primary School, Oke Ijebu
  4. Idale Logbosere—Methodist Primary School, Mission Road, Idale
  5. Ijomu Isurin—Youth Centre, Odode
  6. Irowo—St Georges Primary School, Mission Road, Idale
  7. Isalu Ehinpeti—Better Life, Odode
  8. Isalu Jigbokin—Christ School, Jigbokin
  9. Ofosu/Onisere—Onisere Comm High School, Onisere
  10. Owena/Aponmulona—Our Saviours Primary School, Owena

Ifedore LGA

  1. Ero/Iboji/Mariwo—St. Micheal Primary School, Ero
  2. Igbaraoke I—St. Paul Primary School
  3. Igbaraoke Ii—St. Joseph Primary School
  4. Ijare I—St Peter Primary School
  5. Ijare Ii—St Peter Primary School
  6. Obo/Ikota/Olo-Gbo—St David Primary School, Irese
  7. Ilara I—Apostolic Primary School, Ilara Ii
  8. Ilara Ii—Apostolic Primary School, Ilara Ii
  9. Ipogun/Ibule—St Luke Primary School, Isarun
  10. Lg Collation Centre—St Paul Primary School, Igbara Oke

Ilaje LGA

  1. Aheri—Town hall, Zion Pepe
  2. Etikan—St. Luke Pry sch Ode Etikan
  3. Mahin 1—L.A Primary School, Gbabijo
  6. Mahin 1V—Anglican Primary School, Mahintedo
  7. Ugbo 1—L.A School, Abeokunipin
  8. Ugbo 11—L.A School, Ode Ugbo
  9. Ugbo 111—Methodist Primary School, Ilepete
  10. Ugbo 1V—FAC Primary School, Obenla
  11. Ugbo V—L A Primary School, Zion Iluabo
  12. Ugbo V1—L A Primary School, AWOYE

Ile Oluji/Oke-Igbo

  1. Ileoluji I—St Peter’s Primary School, Ileoluji Ra 01
  2. Ileoluji Ii—St Mathas Primary School, Ileoluji Ra 02
  3. Ileoluji Iii—St George’s Primary School, Ileoluji Ra 03
  4. Ileoluji Iv–Mcgee Primary School, Ileoluji Ra 04
  5. Ileoluji V—Akinye Grammar School, Akinye Ra 05
  6. Ileoluji VI—Ademulegun Grammar School, Bamikemo Ra 06
  7. Okeigbo I—Town Hall Palace Oke-Igbo, Okeigbo I
  8. Okeigbo II—St Andrew Primary School, Okeigbo Ii
  9. Oke-Igbo III—Idiroko Grammar School, Idiroko, Okeigbo Iii
  10. Oke-Igboiv—Awopeju Grammar School, Awopeju, Okeigbo Iv

Irele LGA

  1. Ajagba I—L. A. Primary School, Ajagba
  2. Ajagba II—Jowiri Grammar School, Ajagba
  3. Akotogbo I—R.C.M Primary School, Akotogbo
  4. Akotogbo II—Anglican Primary School, Akotogbo
  5. Iyansan/Omi—Salvation Primary School, Omi
  6. Irele I—Oloruntedo Hall, Irele
  7. Irele II—C&S Primary School, Irele
  8. Irele III—Anglican Primary School, Irele
  9. Irele IV—Salvation Primary School, Irele
  10. Irele V—L. A. Secondary School, Irele

Odigbo LGA

  1. Agbabu—St Andrews’ Primary School, Oja Balle
  2. Ago Alaye—Comm Primary School, Ago Alaye
  3. Ajue—St Johns’ Primary School, Ajue
  4. Araromi Obu—Comm Primary School, Araromi Obu
  5. Ayesan—Court Hall, Ayesan
  6. Ebijaw—Comm Primary School, Obajare
  7. Koseru—Maternity Health Centre, Koseru
  8. Odigbo—Odigbo Town Hall
  9. Oniparaga—St Philips’ Primary School, Oniparaga
  10. Ore I—St Pauls’ Primary School, Ore
  11. Ore Ii—St Andrews’ Primary School, Mile 13

Okitipupa LGA

  1. Ayeka/Igbodigo—Egudu Primary School, Ayeka/Igbodigo
  2. Erinje—R.C.M Primary School, Erinje
  3. Igbotako I—St. Stephen Pry School, Basemo, Igbotako
  4. Igbotako II—Methodist Primary School, Igbotako
  5. Iju-Odo/Erekiti—Anglican Primary School, Iju-Odo
  6. Ikoya/Oloto—L.A Primary School, Ikoya
  7. Ilutitun I—Ebenezer Primary School, Lijofi, Ilutitun
  8. Ilutitun II—Methodist Primary School, Iwajomo, Ilutitun
  9. Ilutitun III—L.A School Ii, Sogbon, Ilutitun
  10. Ode Aye I—Methodist Primary School, Lapoki, Ode Aye I
  11. Ode Aye II—C.A.C Primary School, Ode Aye
  12. Okitipupa I—Stella Maris College, Okitipupa
  13. Okitipupa II—U.N.A Primary School, Okitipupa

Ondo East LGA

  1. Ateru/Igba Otasan—St. Edwards Primary School, Igba
  2. Asantan Oja—St. Davids Primary School, Asantan Oja
  3. Bolorunduro—Ekimogun Grammar School, Bolorunduro
  4. Epe—Bishop Vine School, Epe
  5. Fagbo—Fagbo Dispensary/St. Johns Primary School, Fagbo
  6. Obada—Holy Trinity School Obada
  7. Oboto—Ogooluwa Comprehensive High School, Oboto
  8. Orisumibare—Community Grammar School, Orisumibare
  9. Owena—Owena Community Grammar School, Owena Bride
  10. Tepo—St. Philomena School, Tepo

Ondo West LGA

  1. Enu Owa/Obalalu—St Mary’s R.C.M Primary School, Jilalu
  2. Gbaghenga/Ogbongbo/Ajagba-Alaafia—St Monica Primary School, Laje
  3. Ifore/Odosida—St.Stephen’s Grammar School,Oddosida
  4. Ilunla/Bagbe/Odowo I—St. Mark’s Primary School, Bagbe
  5. Ilunla/Bagbe/Odowo II—St. Bartholomew Pry Schl, Ilunla
  6. Litaye/Obun Kekere/Igbindo—Igbindo Grammar School, Ondo
  7. Lodasa/Paruku/Lijoka—St.Paul’s Primary School, Olaniyan
  8. Odojomu/Erin Keta/Egiri—Salvation Army Primary School, Odojomu
  9. Oke Agunla/Okerowo/Okekuta—Methodist Primary School, Oke Agunla
  10. Oke Otunba/Okedibo/Sokoti—CAC Primary School, Oke-Isegun
  11. Okelisa/Okedibo/Ogbodu—A.U.D Primary School, Okelisa
  12. Orisunmibare/Araromi—St.Peters’ Primary School, Abusoro


  1. Afo—L.A Primay School, Ibesan
  2. Idoani 1—The Apostoli Primary School, Idoani
  3. Idoani 2—C.A.C Primary School, Idoani
  4. Idogun—Idogun High School, Idogun
  5. Ifon I—Area Education Office, Ifon 1
  6. Ifon Ii—St. Paul Primary School, Ifon Ii
  7. Ijagba—Ijagba/Imoru Grammar School, Ijagba
  8. Ikaro/Elegbeka—St. Monica Primary School, Ikaro
  9. Imeri—Araromi Hall, Imeri
  10. Imoru Arimogija—St. Paul Primary School, Imoru
  11. Okeluse—St. Paul Primary School, Okeluse
  12. Ute—St. Stephen Primary School, Ute


  1. Ehinogbe—Methodist Primary School, Ehingbe
  2. Igboroko 1—Government Primary School, Igboroko
  3. Igboroko 2—St. James Primary School, Igboroko 2
  4. Ijebu 1—St. Peter Cac Primary School, Ijebu 1
  5. Ijebu 2—St. Luke Cac Primary School, Ijebu 2
  6. Iloro—The Apostolic Primary School, Iloro
  7. Ipele—St. Stephen Primary School, Ipele
  8. Isaipen—Methodist Primary School, Isaipen
  9. Isuada—La. Primary School, Isuada
  10. Iyere—St. John Primary School, Iyere
  11. Uso/Emure—St. James Primary School, Uso/Emure

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