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Covid-19:The Need For Media owners to provide protective use of device-Journalist

By Rachael Olokungboye

AKURE – Journalist appears to be the most exposed to the pandemic more than medical practitioners, due to their interactions with various community especially when they go out to gather news And collect information in various communities, Hence the a need for media owners to provide preventive device scientist.
COVID-19 reports cases keep on rising on a daily basis while causing serious set back to most sectors of human endeavors

According to Dr Piman Hoffman a climatologist who is also the assistant Director of African Climate Reporters has said that “it became necessary for all media organizations across the globe both electronic, prints and on- –line flat form to provide the needed materials which would protect their reporters against getting infected with the pandemic while visiting Market, train station, car park, marriages mosque and churches and another social gathering. He stated that the outbreak has affected many private organizations while some of the media houses were forced to reduce the number of workers.
Journalists have put their lives in danger while carrying out their duties regarding the Covid-19 update while also observing the critical situation of most of the hospitals and other medical diagnosis centres, “If medical practitioners /health care workers can use Protective clothes and equipment to prevent them contacting coronavirus and other highly infectious diseases, then the media has nothing to protect them against the virus, hence the need to help health and environmental reporters with necessary items”

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