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Independence Celebration: Security has improved under Buhari, says Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed, minister of information and culture, says Nigeria’s insecurity is not bad as it was in 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari was first elected.

By TechnocratMedia

Lai Mohammed, minister of information and culture, says Nigeria’s insecurity is not bad as it was in 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari was first elected.

The minister said this at a public lecture on Thursday as part of the activities to mark the country’s 62nd independence anniversary,  according to NAN.

Lai’s comment was in reaction to attacks by gunmen in different parts of the country, which have led to the killings, abductions of citizens and destruction of their properties.

The minister said the administration of President Buhari has been able to change the issue of insecurity across the country, adding that some states that were inaccessible in 2015 are now accessible for economic activities.

“When the administration came into office, most parts of the north-east were inaccessible due to the activities of the Boko Haram terrorists, who occupied the territory,” he said.

“Schools, finance houses, businesses were shut. The roads were inaccessible. Today, the situation has changed for the better.”

He added that as one nation, the capacity of the Nigerian armed forces is increasing and would continue to get better.

Lai also used the lecture to encourage Nigerians, especially, the elites to make sacrifices and join the government to restore peace to all parts of the country—which he described as the duty of all Nigerians.

“Mr President believes that the elite will build up their exposure and their placement in the society in forging national unity and contributing to national issues,” the minister added.

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