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Ramadan 2022: Things to know as Muslims set to begin fasting

As the holy month of Ramadan is about to begin, Muslims across the world are expected to fast for a period of one month.

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As the holy month of Ramadan is about to begin, Muslims across the world are expected to fast for a period of one month.

According to Islamic practice, Ramadan is a month where the Islamic faithful find a sense of peace, and spiritual healing and test their strength and devotion to the things of God.

The period is also good to time gather in prayer and engage in Quranic reading and teachings to find the face of Allah.

Ramadan occasion special celebrations by Muslims – from Iftar gatherings (Iftar- the breaking of one’s fast) to Mosque and household decorations and sharing of traditional foods among Muslims and non-Muslims.

Do Muslims celebrate Ramadan?

According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the ninth month but the time might change on yearly basis because of the appearance and disappearance of the moon.

According to the Independent, before the fasting month begins, Muslims around the world prepare and wait for the arrival of Ramadan to be announced by the Saudi moon-sighting committee or their local mosque. In Nigeria, the begin of Ramadan is usually made by the Sultan of Sokoto.

Islamic faith takes Ramadan as an important part of the religion mandating every Muslim to observe it. It is widely believed that Ramadan is the month Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was revealed the holy book ‘Quran’. Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islam.

How do Muslims fast?

The fasting of Muslims is different from that of Christians. Islamic faithful fast from dawn to sunset – must not eat nor drink anything.

Who is exempt from fasting?

Those with mental or physical illnesses are not mandated to fast during Ramadan. Pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, and those doing menstruation are exempted. The exemption also covers children not yet attained puberty.

The aged are also exempted from fasting in Islam.

Acknowledgment: Special appreciation to Kamorudeen Adewale for his oversights on his piece.

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