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World Peace Organization, National Peace Committee set to collaborate for peaceful elections  

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the World Peace Organization (WPO) in Nigeria has met with the leadership of the National Peace Committee (NPC) for collaboration to work for peace. 

Technocrat Media, Abuja

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the World Peace Organization (WPO) in Nigeria has met with the leadership of the National Peace Committee (NPC) for collaboration to work for peace. 

This development came at a meeting with the NPC national secretary, Rev Fr. Atta Barkindo, who represented the chairman of the committee,  Abdulsalam Abubakar, former head of state at the national secretariat in Abuja. 

Muyiwa Babalola, president of WPO in a statement on Wednesday, said his delegation was at the NPC headquarters to express their intent to seek collaboration for the peaceful conduct of the general elections in 2023. 

He said, “We have reached out through a series of publications to all the presidential and governorship candidates, with INEC, government, and civil society organizations (CSOs).

According to him, WPO contributes to peace processes through representative participation,  consultative mechanisms, and direct participation. 

“We’re organised in the 36 states of the federation and pursue various avenues of influence and participation in the transformation from conflict to peace. 

“Recently, WPO supported United Nations Resolution demanding Russia end invasion on Ukraine and its a specialised Intergovernmental Organization responsible for peace that deals with global rules,” Mr Babalola said.

He stressed that WPO was conceived of as a critical sector in peace building and involved in broader peace-building processes in a number of capacities. 

He said the organisation represents a pillar of democratic systems and, as such, plays important roles in democracy and good governance for pre-and post-conflict societies. 

He added that through monitoring and lobbying activities (in particular on issues such as human rights violations or corruption), WPO pushes the state to fulfill its obligations to its citizens and provides some of the necessary checks and balances on government excesses.

He also said WPO will generally play a key role in voter information and education activities, as well as encouraging broader participation and turnout. 

Responding, Bakindo thanked the delegation. He promised that all efforts would be put in place to engage WPO structures across the state in peace accord and other related activities.

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